Homebuyer Super Sleuth: How-to

By Morgan Saylor

While checking out a home at an open house, it helps to have an air of suspicion – dare I say, a bit of private eye, when it comes to homebuying.Don’t feel guilty about sleuthing around for these potential issues, per Cathie Ericson via, of tell-tale signs of maybe-bigger issues.

Smelly house - Not bad smelly, necessarily, but lots of smells. Potpourri, fresh baked cookies, air fresheners – a lot going on. This could be to detract from another, greater issue.

Bad tiling – Gaps in tiles could be indicative of, not just sloppy cosmetics, but of other poor repair jobs.

Foundation problems – Cracks in the foundation, around windows or doors, could point to mere settling of a home, but might also mean larger issues.

Water source – A creek or river may be beautiful to look at, but could pose a flood risk to the property.

Mold – While mold isn’t always detectable by the eye, looking under sinks and anywhere dampness tends to lurks is a good way to spot it – black or gray spots near tubs and faucets could mean serious, moldy issues.

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