Leap Day

By Kimberly Shane

Leap Day

Leap Day Blog V1-01What will you do with 24 extra hours?

Time is an oddity. You can’t happen upon more of it. Once it is gone you can’t get it back. Plus, you only have a set amount each day, week, month, etc. Therefore, Leap Day deserves to be celebrated! You all, this is bonus time—an extra 24 hours this month. Have you ever dreamed of what you could do with an extra hour in a day? Now let’s dream about what we can do with an extra 24 this week! 

Clean Up Clutter

If you are anything like me your day involves moving from one thing to the next in a blur, taking care of the needed things and leaving the rest for another day. This often results in clutter building all around us. In my case, I have prided myself on not having a cluttered house… but that is not entirely true; my clutter is hidden. I have junk drawers, bins and other stashed clutter that never seems to be dealt with. With an extra 24 hours, just imagine what we could do with these drawers and bins—start to purge items you have no use for or find a permanent storage solution for those you still need. 

Maybe you dominate home clutter but what about your email inbox? Do you have hundreds of unread emails? Thousands? What about pictures stored on your phone? Are you like me, with one third dedicated to screen shots of songs I like or recipes I thought I’d try? No one wants to spend their time going through these files and cleaning them out but what if you could use bonus time? You have an extra 24 hours after all! 

Take on a Project 

Are you a creator? Use your extra 24 hours to make something—create a piece of art, try out a new recipe for dinner, bake a cake, or take on a DIY project around your home. If you are looking for some great DIY inspiration, not to worry because we have your back! Check out some of our favorite projects here:

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Make a Plan 

Spend your extra day turning your “someday” plan into an actionable plan. Take some time to think, “what are some personal or professional goals I have?” Then take one of those goals and create a plan to achieve it. The best way to come up with a plan is to think about the steps you can take to lead you to that goal. Given the industry I am in, I automatically think about home ownership goals. For so many this goal stays a “someday” goal for many years because the idea becomes overwhelming. But just like with any large goals breaking it down into achievable milestones, your goal will become a reality much faster. 

For example, with homebuying, when meeting with a mortgage banker you will discuss your current financial situation and the best way to get your dream home—from there you can start setting goals. If you home ownership is a dream you have, why not go ahead and schedule an appointment with a mortgage banker to get started? There is no commitment to have a conversation so start here.


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