Long Distance House Hunting

By Morgan Saylor

New opportunities can carry you hundreds or thousands of miles from where you currently are - and while the opportunity may be great, buying a home may be tricky when you’re doing so long distance.

Conducting a long distance house hunt doesn’t have to be nearly as harrowing as you think, especially this day and age, according to Zillow Porchlight.

Jamie Birdwell-Branson writes of the best strategy for long distance house shopping.

If you’re shopping long distance, do your homework. You can find out a lot of what you need to know via the internet. Research neighborhoods, schools, and even the best local real estate agents.

Have a budget for travel and plan ahead for any last-minute travel appointments, and make sure you have extra savings on reserve for showings or unexpected travel that comes with home purchasing.

Birdwell-Branson writes that it’s crucial when buying from a distance to know what you’re in the market for. Knowing the neighborhood, you want to live in along with the top five non-negotiable features you want in your home is a must as you proceed in your long-distance pursuit.

For more on shopping for a home long distance, check out Birdwell-Branson’s blog here. 


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