Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger

By Kimberly Shane

Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger

Tiny houses, rehabbed shipping crates, tree houses… when we scroll through pictures online we fall in love with their cozy and intimate feel. So why is it that our small bedrooms end up just looking like a small cave? This is particularly true if your bedroom lacks natural light, a uniform color palette or storage issues. The issue lies in the fact that you must have a bed in a bedroom—no matter the size of the room.

Here are 5 ways to help your bedroom appear bigger:

  1. Less is More:  Unclutter your space and keep it simple; this will help the room to feel airy. First remove any unnecessary pieces of furniture. If possible, just stick with the basics; your bed, a side table or two and a compact dresser. Additionally, use organized storage; keep your clothes in the closet, loose change in a piggy bank and any pens or pencils in a jar.1-great-ways-to-make-your-small-bedroom-look-bigger.jpg
  2. Paint with Light Hues:  If you choose your colors wisely you can help open up the space visually and bring in natural light by using lighter paint colors. On the other hand, while we love our bold, dark colors (they have so much personality) but they do nothing to help our spaces appear larger.3-4-great-ways-to-make-your-small-bedroom-look-bigger.jpg
  3. Stripes!:  Through the use of stripes, you can elongate your space. Simply wall paper or paint the stripes on your walls. Horizontal stripes help make your room look wider while, the vertical stripes will give the appearance of taller ceilings. Stripes are repetitive and the pattern appears to be unending; this works particularly well when using a lighter color palette. 8-9-great-ways-to-make-your-small-bedroom-look-bigger.jpg
  4. Make them look up:  Another way to make the room appear to be “taller” is by drawing the eye upward. This can be done by painting the ceiling a darker color than the walls or you could even wall paper the ceiling (look back to an early blog post to get more information on this). You don’t necessarily have to do anything to the ceiling to create this feel. It can be achieved through use of curtains, hang some tall drapes along either side of your window(s) or against one of the walls, perhaps behind your bed.17-18-great-ways-to-make-your-small-bedroom-look-bigger.jpg
  5. Create a focal point:  By creating a focal point in the room, you are detracting from the obvious lack of space and adding depth and personality! There are various ways to do this; you could add a curtain behind your headboard as suggested previously, you could decorate with well-appointed pieces of art or even just one oversized, bold piece that catches one’s eye. Another option is to create a floor to ceiling headboard, not only will this help the space appear to be larger but it will also make the room feel luxurious!30-31-great-ways-to-make-your-small-bedroom-look-bigger.jpg

Now, just enjoy your airy, decluttered, 9’x10’ bedroom!

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