Making Home Life Easier

By Kimberly Shane

Making Home Life Easier

Make home life easier blog.jpgNo, don’t worry. I’m not going to start in on how you should keep up with date nights or consistently discipline your children. I’m here to address the minor stressors in our day to day life—forgetting to leave a key for your dog walker, not turning down the AC before you leave for the weekend, loosing track of the weather conditions so you don’t know if you need to water your plants. Our lives are busy. They are chaotic. Thank goodness for those Smarty Pants out there and their technological advances… they have our backs!

For example, when you are at a CrossFit competition, supporting your husband, that is supposedly supposed to last 5 hours and 10 hours have now gone by—you realize your dog needs to be let out and fed (poor thing). But you didn’t plan on hiding a key for anyone to help you out; don’t worry! August Smart Home Access Solution has your back! They allow you to grant access to someone and all they need is their phone with the app and they can open your door! There is even an option for a camera feature in addition to the handy lock option.

Now this next one can make your brown thumb turn green—all without reading any manuals! Edyn gives you environmental conditions that are sent to your smart phone so you don’t have to keep track of how much water they do or don’t need. In fact, the Edyn Water Valve automatically waters your plants for you; giving them the exact amount of water needed. You can be a master gardener without having to actually master it!

As technological advancements continue we will assuredly have opportunities to take care of those little annoyances that result from a hectic life—that is unless our internet access is denied or the gadget breaks. 



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