May Flowers

By Kimberly Shane

April showers bring May flowers; at least that is what they say.  We would all like to think that now we can look forward to the many months full of sun and beautiful gardens. However, the truth is that May isn’t always as warm and sunny as we would hope. 

In order to keep your garden in the best condition possible, be aware of weather forecasts, trends and warnings.  Trends can be found by referencing Hardiness Zone Maps such as this one: 

Weather Map.jpg

Of course, trends won’t help you detect a sudden frost risk or drought, so be sure to keep an eye on the weather forecast for your area. To protect your plants during a frost use mulch, newspapers or light cloth to cover them overnight. Be sure to remove the cover before the sun comes out, otherwise you will have cooked plants!

On the other hand, if the weather is mostly sunny and bit dry don’t neglect your watering! Most flowers and shrubs need about an inch of water each week to perform well.



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