Millennials, At It Again...

By Kimberly Shane

Millennials, at it Again...

canstockphoto47589379.jpgSure the Millennial Generation has gotten its fair share of bad publicity. I say that like I’m not part of the Millennial generation. This generation, I mean, my generation, has gotten a bad rap—yeah, there are some entitled “kids” who feel like they shouldn’t have to work but didn’t each generation have this; the stereotypical hippie? I’m not sure if the hardworking millennial is the majority or the minority amongst its peers but I know we do exist! 

We do work differently than previous generations and strive to live our lives more efficiently. Think how this mindset has innovated different industries; we now have Amazon Prime where you can get almost anything delivered to your door in 48 hours. In many cities waiting twenty to thirty minutes for a cab is a thing of the past, now we have Uber and Lyft! Travelling? Get an AirBnB!

You may ask, why is this crazy person writing about Millennials on a Blog called House to Home? Well because I came across an article that makes me think this innovative generation is on its way to changing the housing industry. Let’s face it, not everyone is cut out for living in a Tiny House. (Is that still popular?) Instead, many people look to renting as a housing option, however, this in effect increases rent costs in many cities across the US. So what is this generation, weighed down by student loan debt but soaring high on big dreams, to do? According to an article on CNBC, they are now Co-living. 

“Co-living basically means that strangers move in together, sight unseen, each signing their own lease for a private bedroom and bathroom but sharing common spaces.”

This same article states that apartment developers are in a hurry to cash in on this change, in fact, an apartment developer operating in New York, Miami and Chicago built a rental apartment building specifically designed for co-living. 

Some people, I’m sure find this intriguing but if possibly living with a future Al Bundy or worse, Ted Bundy, makes you consider building a tiny home or pitching a tent in your mom’s back yard… don’t give up hope! Buying a home may not be outside your realm of possibility. In fact, often you can get more space with a similar monthly payment that you would be sending to your land lord. There is no commitment on your end, if you would like to find out what your mortgage payment and what kind of house you can afford, just fill out an online application and we can get you that information! Fill it out here:



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