More Ways to Down Payment

By Morgan Saylor

Coming up with a down payment for the home of your dreams might seem intangible, but luckily there are more ways than one to go about it.


We’ve all heard of sites like, but did you know there are similar sites just for raising money towards a down payment on a home?

The Seller

Often times when sellers are in a hurry to, you know, sell their house, they are willing to make certain concessions that are to your benefit like fewer closing costs.

Government Programs

Programs like HUD and Good Neighbor Next Door program are a possibility for some borrowers, as well as VA and RHS home loans. Talk to your SMC mortgage banker today about which programs are available to you.

Employer Assistance

Some employers offer assistance through their employee benefits packages to help employees relocate for work. It’s worth contacting your Human Resources person about.

For more on this, check out House Logic.


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