Not Your Grandma’s Wallpaper

By Morgan Saylor

While paint is sometimes preferred, it can be kind of boring when you want to incorporate lots of colors into a room, which brings us to wallpaper.

If you’re in a new home and you want to make it your own, you may come to a cross road of colors. Couple that with the indecisiveness of a colorful personality, and you may have issues finding tasteful and elegant inspiration for bountiful amounts of color. Not to worry!

If you’re tired of being encouraged to keep the pops of color to a minimum - these wallpaper designs are bursting with color pops, without breaking all the rules... Here are some inspiring pieces that are filled with lots of color and definitely not your grandma's wallpaper.


Spoons and forks wallpaper sells this shelf and everything on it.

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Bright colored row-house wallpaper is fun and refined!

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Bright floral wallpaper paired with tile takes on a life of its own in this bathroom.

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