Oh Deer...

By Kimberly Shane

Oh deer blog.jpgOh Deer

Snow White welcomed all the woodland creatures with her song and sweet demeanor. But not all of us are fortunate enough to have her looks and singing voice so if we want the joy of woodland creatures to be a part of our back yard we may have to try a bit harder. And why wouldn’t you want wild life in your back yard? It brings the beauty of nature to your property and is living proof that your place is safe. 

If you stop and think about it, the solution is simple; all living things require water, shelter and food. If you want these sweet creatures in your backyard you will want to have each of these items. Adding a pond or fountain will give them fresh water when the blazing summer sun dries everything up and an option for refreshment in the winter when everything is freezing. If you can’t imagine installing something like that then you can always offer a deep, clay tray with water or a bird bath! 

But if you give a mouse some water… he will want something to eat!* Of course, you could place bird and squirrel feeders all around your yard. (My dad sets out peanuts on his front porch so he can watch the squirrels… oh, that man finds so much joy out of watching those squirrels). There are also shrubs and flowers that can attract butterflies, deer and other animals! Side note; if you are wanting to attract deer, they like to graze on red clover, chicory and orchard grass, per 

We have all heard the saying, “looked like a deer in head lights”. These animals, like many others, can be quite skittish and always on high alert so for them to feel safe in your yard you will need to think about shelter and cover when landscaping. Give them an option nearby to duck into hiding if they don’t feel safe. Bushes and shrubs are great options but you can also have large logs, baskets or pots for them to hide behind/in as well!

* Reference to a favorite children’s book of mine.


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