Organize in an Hour

By Morgan Saylor

Do you aspire to better organize your home? Along with your goal to go to the gym daily, is that resolution also slowly slipping out of your mind’s eye as the end of January slowly approaches? Don’t give up just yet.Houselogic’s Jamie Wiebe writes of several steps to getting your home organized during one hour each day, before you see the first of February!

Finish Unfinished Business

Not so much business, but projects. Wiebe writes, take the thing that’s overwhelming you and spend an hour on that task.

Make a “Go Away” Box

What’s that you say? A donation box you can put near the door and toss everything that needs to exit your home.

Designation for Décor

Now that holidays are done, put away your decorations.

Entryway Arena

Make space for organization when you enter your home, via coat racks, mail sorters, and entryway bins.

Purge Your Pantry

Go through your fridge and pantry to get rid of expired food items.

For more ways to get up to speed with your organization skills, check out Houselogic’s blog here.


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