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Low Mortgage Interest Rates… Am I Too Late?

I recently had a discussion with one of our VP’s at Stockton Mortgage. I made the comment, “I would but interest rates are super high.” His response was, “That’s the problem with your...
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Limited Time: Mortgage Down Payment Assistance in Michigan Counties

For first time home buyers one of the most difficult hurdles is the down payment, that is why when forgivable down payment assistance programs are rolled out we try to let everyone know! In the...

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First Time Home Buyers Home Buyer Buying homebuying downpayment downpayment assistance down payment home buying

Savvy Money Saving Tips for a Down Payment

In today’s economy, it’s harder than ever for renters to save up the money that they would need for a down payment on a new home. Luckily, there is a whole bundle of ways to become more money...
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Renovate reno renovation 203k Loan fixer-upper Renovation Lending 203k

Have you heard about the 203k Loan for Renovation Financing?

Who doesn’t love the television show, Fixer Upper? Chip, Joanna and the Gaines children have found their way into the hearts of many in their handful of seasons on HGTV. Their warm personalities...
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Cutting the House in Two

Cutting a house in half sounds like a ludicrous idea but if you are going through the process of divorce you just may feel like this would be the easiest way to move forward. Divorce has...
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Special Financing for Rural Living Available

Hobby Farm. That was a new phrase to me just about a year ago. When first hearing it, one may envision a posh warehouse filled with paint or clay covered people trying to find a hobby that speaks...
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