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Will 2015 see a housing boom?

According to a recent index report by the National Association of Home Builders, more markets have returned to normal, yielding 90% nationwide normal economic and housing activity. The index focuses...

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How to pull off a statement wall

Now that it’s finally spring, color is beginning to surround us once again. But what about bringing that color inside…and creating some boldness in your home? Maybe you are a little intimidated by...

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Love Vinegar, But Hate the Scent?

Do you love all of the miraculous uses for vinegar, but hate the smell? You’re not alone! And we can help! Vinegar is one of those amazing products that have countless uses: cleaning, disinfecting...

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Grab a Mortgage – It’s Easy!

Mortgages are becoming easier to secure – as indicated by recent data by the Mortgage Bankers Association; their index on mortgage credit availability increased by 1.8% in January for all loan...

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5 Things You Should Expect Your Mortgage Banker to Ask About

1. Proof of income

  • You will need pay stubs (showing at least 30 days)
  • If you have recently started a new job, your mortgage banker may ask you to provide letter from your employer confirming your...
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5 Sneaky Things That Tank Your Credit

It’s no secret that your credit is the single most important factor that is considered when you apply for any type of credit card or loan. There are tons of tips out there to improve your credit,...

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