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We help people buy houses so they can create a home. Here we share more than mortgage finance tips (although we do that too); we aim to help you make your house a home through DIY projects, pet care, hosting tips, yard maintenance and much more!

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Homeowners choose to refinance for two main reasons: for a lower rate, or for a monthly payment adjustment. The refinancing...

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For borrowers, making a decision about which lender to choose when financing their home can be difficult. Not only is the...

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Often, a change in the seasons brings a desire to update our homes – or at least update a room or two. But a full remodel can...

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Now that spring is here, many homeowners are seeking ways to improve and update the exterior of their homes – but who has the...

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We are always on the lookout for tips to make homes more energy efficient. 

And while simple tips like using less water and...
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After four years of living in the same apartment, and shortly after welcoming their second child, Brittany and her husband...

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