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We help people buy houses so they can create a home. Here we share more than mortgage finance tips (although we do that too); we aim to help you make your house a home through DIY projects, pet care, hosting tips, yard maintenance and much more!

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There has been a lot of talk about forbearance in the mortgage world lately. For those who are experiencing difficulty making...

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Protect Yourself from Phone Spoofing

As many organizations step up to help those affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, there are...

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Tags: Compliance, Fraud

How Clean is Your Home, Really?

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Tags: Cleaning, Home Maintenance, spring cleaning,

Zero Interest: What does it mean?

You’ve probably heard about the Fed slashing interest rates to a rate of near-zero. It sounds...

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Tags: Rates, Refinance, interest rate,

Talk Homes from Your Home

Within our current environment, so many of us are sticking closer to home and minimizing unnecessary...

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Take-A-Ways from the MBAKY Education Conference

Yesterday, several members of Stockton Mortgage team had the opportunity to...

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