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Realtor Buying homebuying homebuyer for sale by owner FSBO

For Sale By Owner: What You Need to Know

If you’re searching for a home, you’ve probably stumbled upon a listing as “For Sale by Owner” or FSBO. There’s a decent amount of apprehension about buying a home when it is for sale by owner. Is...

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First Time Home Buyers Home Buyer homebuying homebuyer

First Time Homebuyers Challenge

While the number of first time homebuyers from August 2015 to August 2016 went from 35% to 51%, different challenges for first time home buyers emerge.

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Design Interior Design Wall art paint walls painting stencil


Whether you’re creating an interest wall or a faux-wallpaper effect, stenciling might be the way to go for you. The possibilities with stenciling are pretty much limitless, if you have the time...

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Maintenance Home Maintenance hacks

Helpful Household Hacks

There are dozens of horribly annoying things that can happen around your house that require special attention – doors that stick, hinges that squeak, and so on. Houselogic’s Elizabeth Lilly has...

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Home Refinance interest rate refi

Refi or No Refi?

If you haven’t heard it on the radio or read about it in the news, maybe your mortgage banker has already reached out to you about it – historically low interest rates are here now and no...

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Renovate homebuying tips renovation fixer-upper

Fixer-upper or Pass?

Sometimes, while house shopping, you may ask yourself the question, “Should I buy a fixer-upper, or no?” Most people have heard stories, equal parts nightmarish and fairy-tale-esque, about a...

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