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By Morgan Saylor On September 30, 2016

USDA Lowers Fees

USDA loans are issued through the U.S. Department of Agriculture and are popular among buyers with no money for downpayment as...

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Tags: USDA loans, homeownership

By Morgan Saylor On September 29, 2016

Tools of a Homeowner

You may not be the handiest tool in the shed… but as a homeowner, you literally will need some tools in your shed.

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Tags: Home, Homeowners, Maintenance,

Thanks in part to income increases and lower mortgage rates, it’s more affordable to be a homeowner in most markets...

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Tags: Mortgage, First Time Home Buyers, Mortgage Market,

By Morgan Saylor On September 27, 2016

Real Estate Disclosure: 101

If you’re new to real estate but you’re dedicated to finding the perfect home, you will likely encounter the term...

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Tags: Real Estate, homebuying, disclosure

By Morgan Saylor On September 26, 2016

All About Succulents

There’s nothing to not like about a succulent. Succulents are plants that are made for people who don’t have a green thumb,...

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Tags: Green Living, Green Thumb, Plants,

By Morgan Saylor On September 23, 2016

Man’s Best Neighbor

You’ve just moved into your new home and you’re excited to make friends with the new neighbors! It’s important to make a good...

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Tags: Neighborhood, Moving, new home,