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DIY Outdoor Living outdoor exterior downspout house

About Downspouts

It’s very possible you’ve never put any thought into your downspout, but that’s not to say you shouldn’t!

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Foreclosure homebuying home buying homebuyer

Foreclosure Buying 101

Where some see the potential to save big on a piece of property, others may see a potential money pit. The reason is simple – when you buy a foreclosed home, it is usually sold “as is”, meaning the...

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Home tech technology eco house

Smart House: A Peep into the Future

Once the subject of sci-fi movies, smart features in homes are a thing of now. A few days ago we highlighted some cool new tech stuff on the market for energy savings and even new phone apps meant...

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Green Living Go Green water conservation eco

ECO: Water Waste

The question occurs to you now and again: am I wasting too much water? The supply of clean, usable water is decreasing faster than it can be replenished, according to The next question...

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homebuying home inspection

Home Inspection Checklist

For most Americans, buying a home is one of the largest investments they’ll make in their lifetime. You want to make sure your investment is a solid one – literally. Most mortgage lenders, though...

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First Time Home Buyers Savings Home Buyer homebuying tips downpayment down payment

Down Payment Savings Tips

One concern of many first time home buyers is saving money for a down payment. Saving, after all, can be difficult to do when you’re already paying rent, right? Wrong!

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