Rain Barrels & Why

By Morgan Saylor

Keeping a lush, manicured garden is a must for any home, whether you’re into planting in pots or sowing seeds of wild flower and tomatoes. Maintaining a well-watered garden doesn’t have to be a drain on your water bill. Here are a few reasons to have a rain barrel and why!

According to, water is a scarce commodity – so it’s important that we preserve it. By collecting 50 gallons of rain water, a gardener could water their veggie garden for up to two weeks. Harvesting rain water to the benefit of your garden is a very green and very fun way to go!



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Utilizing access to your rain gutters, placing a barrel underneath the downspout, is the first place to start. As some homes don’t have rain gutters, suggests placing your rain barrel in an area of your yard that has the most chance of catching the maximum amount of water.

If you have mosquito concerns, keep in mind many rain barrels are sold with screens to keep out debris and insects.

For all you need to know about what to look for in a good rain barrel, check out the momsneedtoknow blog! 


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