Real Estate Jargon Explained

By Morgan Saylor

House hunting? Selling your home? You’ll come across a sea of jargon that may seem be Greek to you – we’ve decoded mortgage jargon in the past, and with the help of will help you understand some of those listing terms here!

Active – It means what you’d think it might – that a property is on the market!

Closed (CL) – Closed means a property is not available.

Active with Contract (AWC) – Active with a contract refers to a property that has accepted an offer on a home but the seller is open to receiving a backup offer, which is common in the case of short sales, Margaret Heidenry writes.

Under Contract (UC) – The seller has a contract with a potential buyer. It isn’t a done deal just yet!

Contingent – A contingent offer has been accepted – the contingency can be conditioned or subject to almost anything (home inspections, appraisal, etc).

Deal Pending (DP) – Means what it sounds like: the seller has accepted an offer and executed a contract, the contingencies have been met, but the transaction is in the escrow period. The property will likely show as “pending” until it closes.

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