ROI Fall Projects

By Morgan Saylor

It’s easy to slack off home improvement projects in the fall and winter. Ramp up your home improvement projects with getting the most ROI – Brie Dyas’s Trulia blog talks about just that. 

Front Door Refresher – ROI: 80% to 140% - The quickest, easiest project for giving your exterior a new look. Just make sure you paint while temps are at least 50 degrees at night.

Repair Your Deck – ROI: 80% to 120% - Splintering wood and faded paint or stain are sure to scare off buyers. Make maintenance a priority.

Exterior Recharge – ROI: 60% to 100% - Touching up your exterior paint job might be all you need, but an outdated color combination means it’s time to update.

Roof Replacement – ROI: 50% to 110% - A new roof can give a prospective buyer a great deal of confidence.

Power-Wash – ROI: 40% to 110% - Dirty siding and brick can be dealt with via a good, inexpensive power-wash.

For more on the value of ROI-friendly fall projects like replacing windows, updating HVAC, or decluttering gutters, check out Trulia’s blog here


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