203k Loans, The Fixer Upper Loan: Linen Closet Makeover

By Kimberly Shane

203k Loans: Linen Closet Makeover

I was really torn between finding a true remodel for today’s Simple to Stunning entry and this one. I understand that no one (except maybe me) will stand back and look at a linen closet and declare, “that it is stunning!” But I bet most of you have at least one closet that frustrates you just thinking about it! It’s not even about it being visually appealing, is it? Nope. A dysfunctional linen closet can upset the function of your home; when you are constantly having to juggle items, or worry about them falling out on top of you... Ugg its awful! Well, Jamie, a blogger for Southern Revivals tackled her linen closet nightmare in one day with the help of the Rubbermaid Storage Planner (find the link in her blog… included below) she designed, purchased and installed a system that makes her linen closet both better looking and more functional. See, it is stunning, isn’t it?

I’ve included the before and after photos of their amazing transformation below but pleasecheck out their blog, for more pictures

If you are looking to remodel, you need to know your options not only for design but also for financing.  Start by applying for a renovation loan to see what is available to you. 


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