Simple to Stunning: Master Makeover

By Kimberly Shane

Simple to Stunning: Master Makeover

I can’t get enough of this couple and their ability to create a beautiful space out of something that looks so dated and common—without a total renovation overhaul! I think a big part of it for me is that their first house reminds me of so many that are on the market right now and I just sit back and think, “I wonder if I could pull off a flip of these homes.” Well, they did it! Their master bedroom started off as a boring square room with a tacky border and tiny closet. To increase storage they added two wardrobes on either side of the bed with beautiful floor to ceiling curtains which made the room both more functional and luxurious! Then they added a large mirror to the other side of the room which made the whole space appear larger. What simple fixes for such a big impact! I can’t hardly believe it! I’ve included the before and after photos of their amazing transformation below but please check out their blog, for more pictures, at:

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