Simple to Stunning: Playtime With 203k Loans

Simple to Stunning: Playtime With 203k Loans

Little Jack Horner wouldn’t have sat in the corner eating his Christmas pie, if his mom was Lindsay Ballard. As far as cool mom’s I think she takes the cake with this playroom makeover. In fact, her son is quoted as saying, “Come upstairs and look at our room.  My mom is so cool.” She used cobalt blue everywhere from painting the stereo cabinet to striping the walls! This playroom makes such a fun statement and on top of it, has TONS of storage so the Lego and baby doll clutter doesn’t get too out of hand!

I’ve included the before and after photos of their amazing transformation below but please check out their blog, for more pictures, click the link! 

If you are looking to remodel, you need to know your options not only for design but also for financing.  Start by applying for a renovation loan to see what is available to you.