Smart Home Security

By Morgan Saylor

In the wake of the recent DDoS attack, cyber security is on the forefront of everyone’s minds. According to news coverage surrounding the attacks, hackers used DVRs and cameras connected to Wi-Fi to execute an attack that “broke” the internet.Protecting one’s connected devices from hackers seeking your particulars– bank account, home, personal and professional information – is as important as locking your front door.’s Johnny Evans writes, “As a consumer, you are responsible for the security of your connected home”. Evans points out some questions owners of Smarthome devices (and owners of all web-linked devices, really) should ask themselves:

  • What security protection exists on this device?
  • How can I set passwords? How secure are these?
  • What happens to data about me gathered by this system?
  • Where is that data stored?
  • Which country and what data protection exists in that location and on the journey to that location?
  • Who can access this information?
  • How can I control information that is shared about me?

  • How can I delete information I do not choose to share or no longer wish to share?

Educating one’s self as much as possible in the information age is your best defense against cyber-attacks.


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