Smell the Roses, Kind of…

By Kimberly Shane

Smell the Roses, Kind of…

gardentherapy.jpgSpring time allergies can dampen your outdoor fun. Did you know that there are plants that exist which trap pollen and clean the air around you?

Thomas Orgen developed a system for combating allergens. It is based on the sex of the plant. By replacing male plants with pollen blocking female “pollen screens”, allergy sufferers will reduce their symptoms. 

Below is the list of the top ten allergy friendly plants for the home gardener:

  1. Pansies
  2. Hollies
  3. Impatiens
  4. Catmint
  5. Sweet Williams
  6. Beautybush
  7. Snapdragons
  8. Cigar Plant
  9. Salvia Nemerosa
  10. Erodium

You might not be able to smell the roses “sneeze free” but you can with these! Happy planting!

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