Spring Cleaning

By Kimberly Shane
Spring Cleaning
Spring cleaning blogAhhh the sun, it’s making its return. It shines in through your windows and for a second you feel like you are in a Disney movie, the birds are chirping, you can smell the flowers blooming outside your window—then you notice the cob web in the top corner and the dust dancing in the air. Yes, that is right, the spring cleaning season is upon us.
Other than all the rain we get this time of year, this is my least favorite part of spring. I’m just not a person who likes to clean but I do like having a clean house so it becomes a necessary evil. I found a kindred spirit in Claire, the blogger responsible for Casual Claire and the author of, “The Lazy Girls Guide to Spring Cleaning”. The title spoke directly to my heart so we are going to see what tips can provide for folks like me who want to eliminate all the dust and dirt with minimal effort!
She suggests starting by getting all your cleaning products organized into a caddy. Make sure you have stocked up so once you get started cleaning you don’t have to stop and make a run to the store to get more cleaning supplies; if you do that, then you will have to get motivated all over again. She goes onto encourage people with busy schedules and young families to stretch out their cleaning projects as necessary. If you can’t get it done all in one day, that is okay. Take advantage of nap times, while the kids are distracted by a movie or when grandma takes them to the park. This is where her handy dandy checklist comes into play. As you complete a task, check it off the list, then you will be able to pick up on cleaning the next chance you get!
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