Spring Yard Hacks

By Morgan Saylor

Spring is a time of renewal, a season of growth and blooming. Instead of focusing on the philosophical endowments of spring, many of us focus on our yard and the mess that winter left behind. Make preparing your yard for this new season of growth and prosperity less of a chore with these simple hacks on getting your yard ready!

Keep it low maintenance

If you’re growing your own veggies, simplify the process by planting veggies in a garden center soil that’s packed with nutrients and already weed-free. You can cover the bag in mulch to make it more appealing to the eye and you can add the soil to your flowerbeds at the end of the season.

Enliven your soil

Taking extra measures to make sure your soil is rich, thus giving you healthier plants, can be as simple as looking around your house for these things:
Coffee grounds – old coffee grounds can help with water retention, soil drainage, and water retention.

Fireplace ashes – fireplace ash is good for supplementing acidic or low-potassium soil.

Eggshells – crumbling eggshells and placing them in planting holes provides calcium for plants.

Nix weeds suggests using a pre-emergent herbicide six weeks after you seed something to prevent the growth of weeds – if some weeds actually do come up, use horticultural vinegar or douse them with boiling water to do the trick.


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