Staying Cool

By Kimberly Shane

Staying Cool 

Staying cool doesn’t have to be expensive. We’re not talking about a hip hairstyle or the coolest threads – we mean literally cool. 

Keeping your home comfortable in the summer may seem like an impossibility without the A/C, but has deciphered a few ways to do it while saving on energy.

  • Block the sun – Closing the drapes, installing awnings and shutters are great ways to keep solar heat (by way of sunlight) from entering your home, thus keeping it cool. Houselogic also recommends applying “high-reflectivity window film” on your east- and west-facing windows.
  • Open up – Opening your windows when it’s cooler outside than in is a good way to lower temperatures everywhere in your house.
  • Fans – Portable and ceiling fans are good for moving cool air, but Houselogic warns that ceiling fans should spin so it pushes air instead of pulling it. The blog also recommends a whole house fan, which exhausts the interior hot air.
  • Turn off appliances – powering down your appliances when you’re not using them eliminates excess heat, as well as not using heat or steam generating appliances, says
  • Plants – Shading the exterior of your home with trees and vines can eliminate some of the solar heat your house is penetrated with.

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