Stockton 2017: Awards Luncheon

If you couldn’t get ahold of us last Thursday, it was likely because we were celebrating the accomplishments of the Stockton Mortgage Corporation and its employees! We had just under 100 employees show up to celebrate everyone’s successes at The Olmsted in Louisville, KY. Together, we enjoyed a wonderful catered meal and even better association with one another.
Pictured below is the Stockton Mortgage Corporation management team.
To jumpstart the fun, everyone participated in a Rock, Paper, Scissors face off with the ultimate champion being Brian Fazenbaker from our Bowling Green, KY office.
The games didn’t stop there; next the entire company created their own “families” and challenged each other to a game of Family Feud! The “Misfits” Family took the prize and along the way there were quite a few answers which got big laughs!
What is something you feel before buying it?  Excited
What is something people do on the roller coaster?  Cry
As much fun as we all had, we were there to celebrate the accomplishments of the Stockton Mortgage Corporation family which means taking time to recognize our branch’s as well as individuals’ successes.
The year of 2017 was a good one for us; we added six new branches to the Stockton Family- Ashland, KY, Mason, OH, Batavia, OH, Reynoldsburg, Oh, Franklin, TN, and Marysville, TN. Out of all our branches, Georgetown, KY was the top producing branch. Contributing to their success is David Willoughby, Tom Barron and Kelly Corman.
I’ve included our top three producers from last year below along with photos; Sherri Sampson from our Jeffersonville, IN office, James Alexander from our Berea, KY office and Ashley Higdon from our Lebanon, KY office.
The third highest producer for 2017 is Sherri Sampson:
The second highest producer for 2017 is James Alexander:
The top producer for 2017 is Ashley Higdon: