Terrible Décor Trends by Year

By Kimberly Shane
Terrible Décor Trends by Year
terrible decor trends blogHopefully you didn’t have anything planned to get done during the next 20 minutes because thanks to my co-worker, I’m sharing a delightfully addictive site where you can find the worst décor trends by year! Want to know what your parents were dreaming up for your nursery? Simply look up your birth year. What about sunken spaces? Remember those? This cool yet obviously hazardous trend was popular in 1978 according to
These spaces will take you on a journey back to the past. For me, as I look through these photos, I’m reminded different television shows —the Brady Bunch (look at 1970), E.T. (look at 1982), and 16 Candles (look at 1986). Do you remember these trends? Maybe there are some that you would like to see brought back or some that you are still rocking! Check out the list here.

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