Thankful Notes

By Savanna Eastham

This Thanksgiving, we wanted to share what some of our Stockton employees are thankful for. ❤️



“I’m thankful for my beautiful family”

-Justin B.


“I’m thankful for all the precious time I get to spend with my little family”

-Brent G.


“I’m thankful for our four days off this week that I get to spend with family and friends!”

-Jennifer B.


“I’m thankful for Macho Man Puppy Savage (my chihuahua).”

-Sarah S.


“I am thankful for Freedom, Family and Friends ”

-Brittney N.


“I’m thankful for my mom ”

-Brandi H.


“I’m thankful for my patient and caring husband, my adorable fur-children and our wonderful Stockton marketing team!”

-Savanna E.


“I’m thankful for our talented team of underwriters, processors, closers, and support staff who work behind the scenes to help our customers home buying dreams come true! They are the unsung heroes of Stockton Mortgage.”

-Cindy B.


“It has been a very busy year, and everyone has stepped up to take care of our borrowers and clients.

I am sure they are all thankful and I can promise you that I am!”

-David Stockton


Thank you to all of our amazing employees, partners, borrowers and clients! Without you, there would be no Stockton Mortgage. We hope that everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving holiday.


Until next time,


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