The Blank Wall

By Morgan Saylor

You may have one in your house, lurking in your living room, or looming in the hall – the big, blank wall with nothing on it. What do you do? How do you dress it up? How much will it cost? Will it be a small fortune? Before you go spiraling into panic over the utter blankness of your wall, check out the tips Trulia’s Brie Dyas gives for filling a large blank wall, affordably.


A big piece of art specific to your needs can be hard to source so making your own is an inexpensive, DIY way to cope. Dyas writes that if you're not an artist, stretch some fancy fabric over canvas and be done!

Use Textiles

Speaking of fabric and other textiles - turn to alternative textiles to create great wall hangings. Look to handmade tapestries, rugs or quilts that go with the colors in your room make cool wall hangings that take up a lot of space.


Walldecals aren't as big of a commitment as say wallpaper, but they make a statement, for sure!

More ideas? See Dyas' blog here.


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