The Hierarchy of Fridge Food

By Morgan Saylor

Fridge storage isn’t exactly a science. But odds are, if you’re not following a certain hierarchy when stocking your fridge shelves, you’re not optimizing the space in your refrigerator or the mileage of your fridge food.

To help with this is a helpful infographic from home-storage-solutions-101. What’s it about, exactly? If the blog title doesn’t tell you, it’s a refrigerator storage chart that breaks down what food items should go into the top shelf, middle shelves, bottom shelf (or meat drawer), crisper drawer, and the door.

You may already have a great sense of what should go there – but if you’ve never had a formal training, here it is:

Infographic via

For more in-depth information on storing fruits and veggies with consideration to humidity and more, check out Home Storage Solutions 101 blog here.


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