Think chalkboard paint is only for walls?

By Amy Patterson


  • Old mirrors – Check your local thrift shop for a vintage mirror with a unique frame, clean the mirror and put two coats of chalkboard paint on it; now you’ve got a simple, original decorative piece that you can use for your favorite inspirational quotes.


  • Labels – If you’re like me, making a constant effort to organize and re-organize your home, your storage bins (as well as the contents of them) change with the seasons and mini chalkboard labels are your new best friend. If you want custom shaped labels, feel free to paint them on; but if you want to take the easy way out, go to your nearest craft store and pick up some chalkboard label stickers. Voila! You now have a label that easily changes with a damp paper towel and some chalk.


  • Tabletops – This is especially great for a child’s play room. Simply paint the top of the table with a few coats of chalkboard paint and enjoy! 


  • Your refrigerator – Seriously, who needs magnets? You can make your entire refrigerator into a giant to-do list, calendar or grocery list. This is such a fun idea that your house guests will love to help customize!


  • Walls – Yes, I intentionally left the most bold of chalkboard paint advents for last. This trend has really picked up in the Pinterest realm over the past year, and now more people are jumping on the wagon. Chalkboard walls (even small statement walls) look great in kitchens as back splashes, and in children’s rooms. Really, you can’t go wrong with chalkboard paint, so don’t be afraid to test the limits!


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