To DIY Or Not DIY... That Is The Question!

By Kimberly Shane

To DIY or Not DIY

I’m no Hamlet but I do know enough to ask the question, “To DIY or not to DIY?”.  My hat goes off to all those home project bloggers and Pinterest warriors; they make it look so easy! In fact, they almost had me convinced that I could build my own dining room table. Me? With power tools? That is a scary thought! But I might be able to successfully refinish my outdoor furniture. So which projects are “Do it Yourself” and which ones are “Don’t you dare, Do it yourself”? Let’s consider this together.

shutterstock_328582370-768x512.jpgAsk this question, “what does your history tell us?” Are you creative, handy or crafty?  If your answer is, “no”, to all of these—just hire a professional.  You will save yourself a lot of frustration and, hey, you are supporting the local economy, right?  Even if you feel like a natural do-it-yourself kind of person there are still some items in which to contemplate. 

First, evaluate your skills.  Just because you have the gumption and drive to finish a project, do you possess the technical prowess to complete the task at hand properly?  Look at each step involved. Maybe you could have a professional do part of the project and you can finish it.  For example, you could have an entry way bench built then you could paint it yourself! 

Professional-vs-DIY-3-768x509.pngSecondly, do you have the time to commit to the project?  There is a reason you want to take this on; it is because you want the finished product.  If you don’t have the free time to commit, it may take a long time to finish or just, flat out, never get completed.  But this causes us to ask, is the time savings worth the monetary cost of having a professional take it on?


Well, what are the costs?  Labor costs can sometimes make up the bulk of the bill and this is likely the reason you are in this dilemma to begin with.  Keep in mind, if your DIY dream turns into a nightmare you could be looking at significant costs because now you are paying to get the situation fixed!  Furthermore, you want to consider the cost of the supplies and tools.  I know from my years of shopping for my dad, tools are expensive. However, the needed tools come with the professional when they are hired.  This means, you aren’t stuck paying for a planer that you will use once. (Side note: a planer reduces the thickness of wood by removing the top layer.)  If you do end up opting for the professional assistance, it is advisable to get multiple quotes and move forward with the company whom you are most comfortable; after all they are taking care of not just a house but your home!

Whew! Hamlet’s question has nothing on ours… it is easy “to be”.  But try “to be”, day in and day out, having to look a gaping hole in the plaster or at the crooked stripes that you painted on the wall! Best of luck you DIY’ers, I will stick with the pro’s for my home repairs!



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