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Why Did It Appraise So Low?

Why Did it Appraise so Low?

The appraisal is a key part of the mortgage process. It makes sense. A mortgage company is not going to feel comfortable offering you a loan for $200,000 when the home...

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Appraisal Myths.

Appraisal Myths

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Appraisal Process

So you’ve ordered an appraisal on a property, or perhaps you’re having your property appraised for a refinance or before you put it on the market.

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Appraisal Prepping

If you’re selling or refinancing your home, you anticipate having your home appraised. An appraisal may be intimidating to some, but you really shouldn’t sweat it.

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Remodels that add value

Yesterday, we talked about remodels that weren’t often worth the cost because of a low rate of return on investment. There are a lot of risks involved with renovating your home for the specific...

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