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Secret to a Good Looking Kitchen Counter

The secret to a good looking kitchen: organization! Okay – that’s kind of a lame secret, I know. But here’s the kicker: Laura from the blog Inspiration for Mom’s has, through her kitchen remodel,...

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Under $5k Kitchen Upgrades

We just learned that May is the month to sell your home, and if you’re prepping to sell your home now you will want to up your kitchen-upgrade game and increase the value of your home, with very...

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Cleaning flooring countertops marble floors

Marble Stain Removal

Fact: Marble is not stain resistant. On the contrary, marble is a very porous stone, and can soak up the liquids you erroneously spill. So those marble counter tops and floors, while pristine and...

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Popular Home Features by State

When buying a home, we all ponder features and amenities best suited to our own tastes, but have you ever considered what home amenities are popular and where?

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Remodel Kitchen countertops bathroom rehab

Countertops 101

A kitchen remodel has many intricate parts: appliances, the back splash, cabinet pulls. There are many design elements to consider if you’re trying to spruce up your kitchen.

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DIY Renovate Remodel Kitchen reno how-to renovation countertops rehab

DIY: Concrete Counters

It’s a cool look, but even the bravest of DIY-ers are hesitant to attempt concrete countertops. Lucky for us, a daring DIY-er has created a step-by-step on how to tackle this project.

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