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Why Is My Credit Karma Score Different?

Why is my Credit Karma score different?

It is likely that you have seen the hilarious advertisements for Credit Karma; like the commercial featuring a couple whose neighbor loves wind chimes or...

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Ask a Mortgage Banker: What Kind of Credit Score Do I Need To Buy a Home?

Credit is an essential part of the economy. Without credit, lenders would have no scale by which to create lending standards that determine who should receive credit and who should not. Your...

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Give Us Some Credit!

Give us Some Credit

When you start considering purchasing high priced items, your credit score can make you feel better about your purchase or be a point of contention.  Either way it is an...

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Homebuying in Your 20s, 30s, 40s

Buying a home you can grow into, versus something that fits you now, is smart planning.

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No Credit v Bad Credit

If you’re preparing to buy a house, you’re probably taking a good, long look at your credit history – or perhaps lack thereof.

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Credit Mistakes to Avoid

One of the most frequent questions our mortgage bankers are asked by customers is how to improve their credit. If you want to take your credit score to the next level, whether your score is in the...

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