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By Morgan Saylor On August 30, 2016

Credit Mistakes to Avoid

One of the most frequent questions our mortgage bankers are asked by customers is how to improve their credit. If you want to...

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If you’re seeking a home loan but having credit woes, you’re not alone! Understanding and striving towards a better credit...

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For individuals without any credit, securing a mortgage loan can be nearly impossible. Most of us know that a mortgage approval...

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Down payment requirements can be very intimidating, and trying to save for a 20% down payment can seem impossible. Luckily, the...

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Yes, you read the title right – student loans can help you get a mortgage. How? Well, there are a couple big ways that your...

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1. Proof of income

  • You will need pay stubs (showing at least 30 days)
  • If you have recently started a new job, your mortgage...

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