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By Morgan Saylor On December 16, 2016

DIY Pom Pom Garland

If you haven’t seen these cute pom pom garlands popping up everywhere, you haven’t had your eyes open.

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By Morgan Saylor On December 14, 2016

COTY: Going Green

Every year, Pantone declares a “Color of the Year” – a hue on which the design community may hang its hat. For 2017 its...

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Tags: Design, Color, Interior Design,

By Morgan Saylor On November 28, 2016

Transitional Porch Décor

We take a lot of pride in our porches. From fall through winter, festive porch design is a must. But don’t wear yourself out...

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Tags: Design, Plants, wood,

By Morgan Saylor On November 4, 2016

Chic Sitting Spaces

Too much time in media rooms can have a less-than-relaxing effect on our minds and bodies. When is the last time you curled up...

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Tags: Design, Interior Design, Decor,

By Morgan Saylor On October 28, 2016

Lost Sock Hacks

The laundry room could be the most forgotten room in your house. The most forgotten of all forgotten things, however, is...

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Tags: DIY, Fun, Easy,

By Morgan Saylor On October 3, 2016

Hang This, Not That

Pictures are okay, but there are only so many ways you can arrange baby pics, wedding montages, and family fandangos on your...

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