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Does your Thermostat do this?

Homes are getting smarter and this includes Thermostats. These thermostats help reduce energy waste...

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Tags: Air Conditioner, cost-efficiency, energy efficiency,

Claiming tax credits for making your home more energy-efficient makes for a pretty cool break. For this year’s taxes, Donna...

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Winter can be a lot of fun! Getting snowed in, sledding, building snow men, perfecting your chicken soup recipe. The list goes on.

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Tags: Home Prep, preparedness, energy efficiency,

By Morgan Saylor On July 20, 2016

Staying Cool

Staying cool doesn’t have to be expensive. We’re not talking about a hip hairstyle or the coolest threads – we mean literally...

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Tags: Home, Savings, Air Conditioner,

By Morgan Saylor On March 18, 2016

Water Heaters 101

If you’re buying a home or looking to make some energy efficient upgrades (which we’ve mentioned earlier this week as being one...

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With taxes still on your mind, it’s never too early to consider how to lower your tax bill for next year. If you’ve got plans to...

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