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Remodels that won't return your investment

A home office – Now I’m not referring to simply throwing a small desk with a lamp on it in your guest room and calling it a home office. I’m talking about a full on, floor to ceiling renovation to...

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5 Reasons to Never Get a Mortgage

There is a lot of buzz about why you should or shouldn’t get a mortgage. But which opinion do you side with? Here are five reasons why you should never get a mortgage:

1. You love white and ecru...

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Time to Buy – Here's Why


The National Housing Survey hit two all-time high numbers recently: individuals expecting improvement of their financial situation in 2015 jumped to 48%, while those reporting a significantly...

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Mortgages Are Not Actually Scary

Getting a loan that will take over a decade to pay off can be scary. Appraisals, inspections and big decisions can also be scary – and I’m willing to bet that you’ve probably heard the dreaded...

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Low Rates Push Millennial Finance Boom


Numbers show an impressive jump in first time home sales, indicating that the lagging amount of Millennials are finally taking the housing plunge. In January, Redfin, a national real estate...

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