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By Morgan Saylor On April 20, 2016

Rain Barrels & Why

Keeping a lush, manicured garden is a must for any home, whether you’re into planting in pots or sowing seeds of wild flower...

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By Morgan Saylor On March 9, 2016

All About Terrariums

No longer limited to fourth grade science fairs, the terrarium transcends the box it once shared with baking soda volcanoes,...

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Over the past few weeks, a few of our go green posts have broached the topic of shrinking the need for paper products in the...

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By Amy Patterson On August 28, 2015

5 Vinegar Cleaning Hacks

It’s no secret that vinegar is one of those baking ingredients that has become a cure all of sorts – even taking the stage in...

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By Amy Patterson On August 21, 2015

Save Water: Collect Rain

Want to know the easiest way to lower your water bill? Switch to free water –  for your garden and outdoor needs! It might...

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