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Credit Woes to Home Loan

If you’re seeking a home loan but having credit woes, you’re not alone! Understanding and striving towards a better credit situation is a path shared by many Americans, as evidenced by a recent...

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Seasonal Trends & Home Buying

Seasonality plays an important role in home buying. If you’re new to the home buying game, you may not know about this underappreciated trend in the mortgage industry.

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Home Styling Do's & Don'ts

You’ve purchased your new home and are eager to settle in, but you’re a little lost on the interior design of the place. How low are you supposed to hang a chandelier over a dining table? A...

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Today’s Homebuyer

Thanks to an infographic based on a recent report from Chase Mortgage Banking, “Insights from the Mind of the Modern Homebuyer”, a sample of 1,014 adults in the U.S revealed some interesting...

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