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By Kimberly Shane On September 20, 2018

Cutting the House in Two

Cutting a house in half sounds like a ludicrous idea but if you are going through the process of divorce you just may feel...

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Tax time isn’t typically a time most of us look forward to, but as adults, we dutifully gather our documents and do the deed...

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We all have bad behaviors we’d rather not, but if you’re a homeowner, sometimes your bad behaviors can end up costing you money....

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By Morgan Saylor On September 29, 2016

Tools of a Homeowner

You may not be the handiest tool in the shed… but as a homeowner, you literally will need some tools in your shed.

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Insurance companies are a fickle friend – you need homeowners insurance for an endless number of reasons, but realtor.com warns...

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Family tradition of homeownership can influence future generations of home owners, according to a study by Trulia.

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