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May: The Month to Sell

As we enter March, we look ahead at what the real estate and housing market has to offer. According to Catherine Neilson via Zillow Porchlight, May is the magic month for selling your home, if...

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Green Living Go Green eco-friendly eco house

3 R’s of a Green Home

What are the three R’s of a green home? Reduce, reuse, and remodel!

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wall color walls house social happy

Common Themes of Happy Homes

Happy people have a few things in common, studies have found – some of these things transcend to their similarities within their homes!

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Sellers Winter house heat selling heating

Selling in Winter

Homes are totally sellable in winter. In fact, if someone is looking to buy your home in the winter months, they’re probably in a hurry. But here are some key factors, according to Zillow...

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Home real estate agent tips tech hacks technology house selling photographs photos

7 Selling Secrets of 2017

Want to know a secret to selling your home this year? Of course, you probably know a few of them: freshen up the paint, make it look and smell newer - but did you consider utilizing the latest...

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Plants house plants indoor house pets

Pet Friendly Houseplants

House pets and houseplants are both a lot of fun, but can be difficult to juggle – not just in the care and keeping of, but some combinations of both can be fatal for pets.

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Renovate Remodel Interior Design architecture reno tips renovation contractor 203k Loan house home repair fixer-upper

Recruiting Renovators

Whether you’ve made plans to renovate your home or maybe you are refinancing or purchasing with a 203(k), recruiting a home renovation team you can count on to see your project through to the end...

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Home Maintenance Easy Home Maintenance how-to house bugs insects

Bugs & How to Deal with Them

Bugs in or around your home at some point in time are pretty much an inevitability. Whether it’s ants, mosquitos, or other type of scuttling, flying, or squirming insect, Houselogic has determined...

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DIY Outdoor Living outdoor exterior downspout house

About Downspouts

It’s very possible you’ve never put any thought into your downspout, but that’s not to say you shouldn’t!

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Home tech technology eco house

Smart House: A Peep into the Future

Once the subject of sci-fi movies, smart features in homes are a thing of now. A few days ago we highlighted some cool new tech stuff on the market for energy savings and even new phone apps meant...

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