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Part of adulting these days is familiarizing one’s self with all forms of insurance – homeowner’s insurance, private mortgage...

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Wintertime is a season to enjoy blankets of fluffy snow, warmth by the fire and, if you’re a homeowner, avoid the damage snow,...

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If a tree falls on a property line, and there’s no one around to hear it… who’s insurance company pays? According to Ann Cochran...

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Insurance companies are a fickle friend – you need homeowners insurance for an endless number of reasons, but realtor.com warns...

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Discounts and premiums, coverage and claims! A lot of consideration goes into settling on a homeowner’s insurance policy. You...

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By Morgan Saylor On April 15, 2016

Common Home Damages

As a home owner, you are most concerned about damages to your home. As much as we try to prepare for the worst, it’s good to know...

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