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Special Financing for Rural Living Available

Hobby Farm. That was a new phrase to me just about a year ago. When first hearing it, one may envision a posh warehouse filled with paint or clay covered people trying to find a hobby that speaks...
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Mortgage Options thanks to Our Loan Programs

Did you know that everyone’s mortgages can be financed through different types of loans? There are several loan programs that have been created over the years to open the doors for home ownership...
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Putting the “Fab” in Pre-Fab

Putting the “Fab” in Pre-Fab

“Turn onto a street in the Cottage Home neighborhood of Indianapolis, and you might think you’ve wandered into a hipster colony on the West Coast. A group of prefab,...

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Kicking Off Your Shoes

Kicking off Your Shoes

Having been raised in Kentucky, (warning: I’m about to feed into a stereotype) I spent many summers running around barefoot. In fact, my mom used to get on my brother and I...

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Wanna Be Roomies?

Wanna be Roomies?
Roommates are not just for college dorms or big cities. According to the census, more and more American adults are moving in with people with whom they are not romantically...
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Homeownership Intel, Tips For Future Military Homeowners

Homeownership Intel, tips for future military homeowners

While this blog post is directed to those who have served their country, I think there is something to be learned by all home buyers. All...

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