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Spring Homebuying Warm Up

Thinking about buying a home this spring? Here’s a few things you should know going into it.

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Home Price Trends, Deconstructed

Market trends for home prices and similar data seem to surface from all areas of the globe, many of which paint varying pictures.

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Buyer Demand Increases

Although we typically view summer as the hot time to buy and sell houses, last week CNBC reported that homebuyers were jumping back into the homebuying game as mortgage applications rose.

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Market home buyers fall Mortgage Market home price Labor Day

Fall: A Buyer’s Market

As summer fades and the color of leaves begin to change, the fall real estate market can begin to look different too. Laura Agadoni via Trulia’s blog explores aspects of the fall market after...

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Rates Market trends mortgage rates

The Direction of Mortgage Rates

The prediction for mortgage rates and where they will go next (up, down, or remain low) is uncertain, according to economists quoted on

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Homebuying Confidence Continues

Fannie Mae’s “Home Purchase Sentiment Index” revealed an all-time high in consumer’s confidence in the housing market, according to

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